2018 News

Text Box: Henley and District Philatelic Society

Chairman’s Evening
10th January 2018

17 of us gathered for the annual Chairman’s Evening. This year’s chairman, David, engrossed us by
describing his experience as an auctioneer – the need for accurate description and honest description, the techniques of fair selling and the wiles of cunning or unscrupulous buyers; and examples of rare stamps (e.g. a VR Penny Black) found in otherwise ordinary albums or even boxes;
displaying a wide selection of mainly early sheets from his comprehensive collection, presented in alphabetical order from Australia (New South Wales and later Kangaroos and George V heads) to sadly tormented Yemen (once with intricate Arabic inscriptions, typical of early Arabian and Ottoman stamps); 
setting a quiz in which we attempted to identify the states issuing 25 difficult stamps.

David’s sheets are particularly rich in variations – in perforations, watermarks, colour shades, printing differences and, particularly in overprints such as in British Empire War Stamps or the various regimes in the Orange Free State. Doubtless there are many variations of all types in the sheets shown of Crete, Eritrea, Baden and Württemberg, Portugal, Rwanda-Urundi and Turkey.

Overprints also feature in several sheets shown of military occupations – by Germany in Serbia, Finland in Eastern Karelia, Lithuania in Memel, and several Balkan examples – also on intriguing Italian post offices on Rhodes together with apparently local issues for that island.

Forgeries featured widely – a warning to us all if we do not have David’s ability to spot them. Examples were shown from Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Sierra Leone, France and GB booklets (24p).

Any overall impression of David’s collection must reflect the high quality of his examples – clean, clear postmarks, perfect perforations or rouletting, exceptional examples of embossed shields or heads, and brighter coloured yellows – all of this complemented by the fine refreshments provided by his wife.