Forgeries & Propaganda Issues of World War II

From Stephen, a sheet of forged French 30c Mercury stamps from World War Two:

Stamps of all of the belligerents were forged during World War II, either for propaganda or counterfeit use. This forgery of the French 30c ‘Mercury’ stamp was probably produced by British intelligence to infiltrate propaganda or other materials into France.

This and other similar forgeries first came to light immediately after the end of the war in a mixed lot of French stamps sold at a London auction. They were first reported in Stamp Collecting magazine on 7 September 1946. The forgeries may be easily identified as they are perforated 15 x 14 while the originals are 14 x 13.5. In addition, there are two short horizontal cuts above the right eyebrow of the figure which do not appear on the originals. (see enlargements below)

(Source: Forged Stamps of Two World Wars, published by the authors L.N. & M. Williams, London 1954.)